Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Slide Rule

Anyone ever seen a slide rule? I suppose I could Google or perhaps "Wiki" it to find out how to use it, but here it is. I'm going to leave it in my living room, on the coffee table. In hopes I'll be post-date, be in the kitchen, perhaps pouring a cup of coffee, perhaps mixing a drink, she'll peer down at the slide rule and think, wow, what a smart guy, he uses a slide ruler, he's anti-calculator.

In reality, she'll mistake the slide-ruler as just any old ruler, and say, wow, he likes his edges straight.

Quick poll, do you, dear reader, even know what a slide ruler is? Am I dying breed here?

To be honest, I only know what one is because there's one in Apollo 13, and I had to ask Dad what that meant. This is when Dad liked me.

Anywho. Slide Rulers = Cool.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Episode 6 out tomorrow

It's been kind of a crazy few weeks here at the Simon front! Good news is I've got a job, and even better news, it sucks and is ripe for satire, it'll make you Hello Simon watchers giggle in glee!

I did get my birthday present from Dad, good news is, you'll find out what it was tomorrow night when episode six is released!

How's everybody else? I can't tell if I'm freezing my butt off or if its a beach day (60 degrees and hailing anyone? I love Boston) ...

Thursday, January 05, 2006


What a way to start a new year right?

The car rolled down, I stopped it before anything terrible happened, but momentum, laws of gravity, the damn hill.

It could have spelled disaster.

Course, all this occurs a day before my Birthday (Jan 3rd).

But anyways, I hope you enjoyed Episode 5. I'm going out to eat with a few friends tonight for my bday, low-key, nothing special. My Mom called to wish me a happy birthday, she told me that my Dad was bein super secretive about a gift he's mailing to me.

Santa might not have had an iPod, but will my Dad attempt to reconcile our differences with a peace offerring? The realist says no, but, I'm not really a realist, I'm living in Boston with no job, you've got to be some sort of optimistic fantasist (is that a word?) to resist hanging yourself from the rafters.

My house doesn't even have rafters...

Sunday, January 01, 2006

happy new year.

someone once told me how you spend the first day of the new year will be what the rest of your year is like. for example, if I have a bad day the first day of the new year, the rest of the year will follow suit.

I didn't have a bad day, it was all right. most of these two weeks home have been a trip down memory lane, nostalgic, a little sad. there's a bit of force attempting to keep me here at home, but I've got to resist. I need to prove that I can survive on my own, my Dad is going out of his way to prove me wrong, obviously, so if anything, to prove him I can do it is my current motive, my objective.

I saw some of my friends, that was nice.

I spent new years eve at home, watching TV, my parents were having people over so I hid in my room and watched Dick Clark. Talk about unfortunate, everyone gets old, but man, seeing him like that, it triggered instance emotions! I'm old, I'm so old, that Dick Clark, the worlds oldest teenager probably made his last appearance live on New Years Eve. So forty years from now, when they call it Dick Clark's New years rocking eve, I'll be the old timer that remembers Dick Clark. The kids, they'll laugh, haha, Dick Clark, what a silly name.

Farewell Dick Clark, and thanks for ringing in the new year. I just wish it was still something special to stay up till 12pm, but I'm up till 12pm daily.

Maybe next year, it'll be special again.

I go home tomorrow, and the new episode of Hello Simon will be up this week! hope you liked that card!