Thursday, February 23, 2006

rough day

I wish I had the ability to reveal what it is I do eight hours monday through friday, its a bit humiliating, and I don't think I've made peace with it yet.

Is that right? Not that I want to go all office space here, but should I at most be just content with the job. I wish everyone who said "either way you're getting paid," gave me a dollar, and then maybe I wouldn't have to work.

What do I want to do? And what is it my degree can even allow me to do? Why is it I even went to school for four years to receive this diploma thats practically worthless.

Dad, can you mail me some Grad School Applications?

If I smoked, I'd have a pack right about now.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

joshua radin

I'm jumping on the Zach Braff/Scrubs bandwagon here saying this, but I'm listening to Joshua Radin, ( and its officially this weeks soundtrack to my life. Check it out, let me know if you agree. Its in the iTunes music store as well...

episode 9

President's day (thank god I had it off) was kinda a crazy day as you will no doubt see in these new episodes (president's day is a special two part parody)

we had a little fun since we had more time to do this parody, Harry is a bit obsessed with the subject, you'll understand.

Monday, February 13, 2006

episode 8

the stunning conclusion to episode 7 is out now! a day earlier then usual!!

check it out!

Is...Today, my day?

I found myself drawn to Katie Couric at Matt Lauer (SP?) this morning. Morning television inhibits the dragging of my feet, therefore its welcomed with open arms.

They go in and out of commercial break with this great pans and run throughs of the hundreds of people outside Studio 1A (I could possibly be making this up) over at Rockefeller (SP?) center. These happy people, despite out in the snowy cold still wave delightfully at the viewers at home, comfortably enjoying their Lenders® Frozen Bagels, their Tropicana® orange juice, and maybe even Cheerios®. (Did you know they used to call Cheerio® Cherri-Oats? Or something to that effect, if you did, post a comment saying so)

I found myself waving back at the hundreds of people who were outside the Today show studios, and I found this to be quite an energizing activity. They were all so happy to see me, happy to be cold, happy that the cameraman gave them the opportunity to wave hello to me.

Thank you Today, for making today, my day.

And in even better news, I found a dollar, I kept it, fifty dollars you report, a dollar is fair game. Comment if you agree.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Ohio. How I love you.

Every day when I come home, I check the caller ID (I thank you verizon, for providing this to me), and I see the typical numbers, Mom, Mom Cell, Home. But there is one number, that seems to stand out, no name, just one word...Ohio.

Ohio calls, two, to three times every day. They have never left a message, which leaves my wondering, are they looking to see if I'm home, getting a sense of my schedule, what I do, what time I go to bed at night? This morning, my phone rang, I was to asleep to realize who was calling. It was Ohio.

Can a State call me? I never thought of a state as a person, but perhaps under those borders is some higher being, calling my phone, two, to three times a day.

Ohio, if you are reading this, I'm tired of deleting messages of your hang ups, each day, I press play on the answering machine, just to see, if today is the day, Ohio lets me know why they are so desperate to talk to me.

Ohio, I've merely passed through you, but clearly, this intimate moment we shared meant more to you then me, for why else would you be calling.

I love you Ohio, call me again, so we can clear up our misunderstanding.


simon r. powell esquire.

ps what the heck is an esquire anyways? and don't say a magazine, I don't take kindly to jerks. ;)

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Episode 7

And like I said...have no fear, Episode 7 would be here.

Not to keep pluggin' Si*Se (the featured band in the background), but they are an excellent group out of NYC, and I highly reccommend picking up their latest album, "More Shine."

In other news, I was acoustically accosted by a gentleman on the road who wasn't happy with my driving, this time, I was guilty of the scenic driving, deep in reverie, at speeds of 25 mph. I think people with vanity license plates are out to get me...this one read "RdHog."

Enjoy episode 7.

wait in anticipation for episode 8, out next week.



Where have we been?

Hey faithful viewers/readers!

Just wanted to let you know Hello Simon Episode 7 is on its way! Harry has been busy working, as obviously so have I. Harry is upgrading all his systems so it will be less of a hassle to edit these episodes, instead of him having to stay late at work to get them done, he'll be able to cut them at home!

In other news, I found a penny, lucky side up. Everythin' is goin my way.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Scenic Driving

I was making a delivery for my boss today, a time sensitive parcel (honestly who uses the word parcel...well...I do), and I'm in a rush. I'm at a yield, and I'm nice enough to yield to a 18 year old oldsmobile driven by what appeared to be an old man.

I soon realized my grave mistake. Here I am, in a rush, and I just let Grandpa by, clearly on a Sunday drive to the proctologist. He was going about 15-20mph, slowly avoiding potholes, swerving occasionally for no reason.

It was then I noticed his license plate. It read: Scenic.

Not only was a slow, scenic enjoying Sunday driver, unlike most poor drivers, he was not in denial. It angered me more, the back of his car (in my mind at least) turned into a large smile, grinning like an idiot at me, taunting me. I was so involved in my hallucination, I nearly rear ended him. I pulled to the side for a moment to catch my breath.

I decided, while I was catching my breath, I'd close my eyes for a moment.

Needless to say, I woke up, 45 minutes later, and had to pay dearly for my error.

Will be going to bed early tonight.

Nite nite kids.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


I'm working again, though since I'm a bit embaressed at the moment to talk about it, and that I know Mom would not approve, I will remain silent on what occupies my time.

I will say this, if I had said to myself a year ago, you'll be [doing this job] this time next year, I would've probably would've more proactively planned my future.

What am I doing here?