Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Mulch and a missing Simon.

So I was walking around and the weather of course has been nice, the air has been a mix of warm and cool, a bee even found its way into our apartment. A bee.

Do you have any idea how afraid I am of bees? There could not have been a more frightening insect.

In the air hangs the pungent odor of mulch. Am I the only person on earth that hates the smell of mulch? I can't even place what it smells like, other then it makes me want to die. Drastic I know, but thats the truth.

Simon never came back from home after Easter! He's gonna be up in NY for a week, so till then, the place is mine.

note to self, wear less slippery socks when reinacting the infamous slide from "Risky Business"


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