Sunday, May 07, 2006

ramen noodles.

I saw a very interesting sight today.

Nice day right? Park might be nice right?

I'm sitting in the boston common, and a gentleman comes to sit next to me.

He's holding a styrofoam dunkin donuts cup. His hair is a little wild, unbrushed, unwashed. His clothes are clean, but the pungent smell hitting my nose makes me think that this gentleman may be one of bostons many homeless.

I can't quite see, but he's crinkling some sort of wrapper, this continues for a few moments, he's removed the lid off his dunkin donuts cup, and he continues this crinkling. I realize the wrapper he's holding was a Ramen noodle packet.

Using a fork, he's stuffing in the crusty ramen noodles into the hot water, by no doubt provided to him free of charge from Dunkin Donuts.

the whole thing made any problem in my life seem not as bad.



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