Thursday, September 07, 2006

craigslist and subletting

Clearly, I can't afford this tiny place by myself, but then I have a dilemma, where do you find a roommate? Everyone said Craigslist...of course, you ask yourself, why not ask Everyone to come live with me? Well, I don't have enough rooms. Not to mention the question of....where are they going to sleep?

We'll figure that out later.

Looking for a roommate is much like looking for a girlfriend, you can't settle, and you can't be too picky. But this is worse then personal ads, because its not like they can hold you if you've been having a bad day. Well, I guess they can, but would you respond to an ad that had, "and a shoulder to cry on?"

Anyways, the stream of interest has been alarming, I'm looking for someone who isn't really looking for anything permanent, Simon could come back at any time, or, you know, maybe I'll meet Miss Right rather then Miss Right Now. In any case, I'm taping the interviews, with full permission of course....

I hardly ever give a sneak peek to next weeks episode, but yes, it is going to be interesting.

I miss you Simon.

PS The pillow smells like you.

PPS Was that awkward for you? Because I was kidding. Like seriously, I really was I swear.


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